Our Deal Process

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Identify Potential Sites

Search our database to find listings that meet your objectives, including Current Power, Potential Power, kWh Rate, Land Size, and Transmission Type.

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Discovery Meeting

Contact us to setup an initial call to ensure your prospective sites are a match to your requirements. Signing an NDA ahead of time will protect both parties and allow us to talk in more detail.

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Submit Letter of Intent

Once an ideal site has been selected, use our LOI template or draft your own to lock up the listing and begin the due diligence process. Additional documents may be required such as Proof of Funds and References.

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Due Diligence

Take the steps necessary for your organization to ensure the site meets your needs. This typically involves a site visit, negotiating with the utility company, reviewing the PPA, and talking with the land owner/hosting provider. Upon successful completion, an initial escrow deposit will be required to move forward.

Our awesome features
Deploy Assets

Most sites are Ready to Build (RTB), meaning once the paperwork and payment have been finalized, work can begin on installing any remaining infrastructure necessary in terms of facilities, cabling, transformers, shipping containers, grid connectivity according to the project timeline. Hosting contracts, of course, would just require shipping of ASICs - then it's time to start mining!

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